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China auto parts industry company (CAPAC) initial established in 1983, is China's machinery industry group co., LTD. Is a wholly-owned subsidiary, headquartered in Beijing. CAPAC is the national auto parts integrated service comprehensive service backbone enterprise, has a long history in the global automotive industry, industrial upgrading, borrow the tide of China's automobile industry growth potential of the outbreak, innovative business model for automobile parts enterprises to provide diversified services.
Companies rely on the accumulation of long technical basis and industry influence, build auto parts trade, manufacturing, testing, research and development, industry services, industrial base, investment and seven business platform, resource sharing, and support each other, forming perfect auto parts comprehensive service system.
Companies with good professional strong team, with "for car services, and to make people transport people service" concept, to win-win cooperation values, continuous innovation, is committed to be China auto parts enterprise "the zero" link, the relationship between the global industry pattern positioning of the navigator.