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TAYSAD-CAPAC Cooperation Agreement signed in Shanghai
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Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers, Turkey (TAYSAD) and China Auto Parts & Accessories Corporation(CAPAC ) signed mutual cooperation agreement. Took place on 9th December 2014 in Shanghai, the agreement involves in investment and trade matters between TAYSAD and CAPAC.
    President of TAYSAD Mehmet Dudaroğlu, General Coordinator SüheylBaybalı, International Affairs Specialist GözdeAğırbaş, CAPAC President Chen Kangren and Vice President Yin Xiaoping attended to the ceremony for agreement signing which took place within Automechanika Shanghai.
    Amongst those targeted through the agreement; there are matters such as access to information source of 20+ OIS, assistance to Turkish firms of supply industry who wants to invest in China (locating, construction building and take on lease and similar services) periodical access to the figures of Chinese Automotive Industry (Monthly Production/Sales Bulletins etc.). Within “Financial Solution” CAPAC also provides Turkish investors with services such as strategic partnership and investment finance.
    As per agreement; projects shall be conducted in relation with parts which are currently being imported from Europe, to be supplied from Turkey and assistance for Turkish firms breaking into Chinese market.
    TAYSAD, through this agreement with CAPAC, has signed third cooperation agreement in 2014 by adding up yet another one to the cooperation agreements signed in China, Shenyang State and Industrial Area where brands such as BMW, GM, Brilliance Jinbei and Brilliance Zhonghuamanufacture automotives, also in CEDZ Industrial Area where Qoros and Jaguar Land Rover companies have production.
    Speaking at the signing ceremony, TAYSAD President Dr. Mehmet Dudaroğlu has said that they are willing to increase the level of strategic alliance between two countries and agreed upon maintaining all relations on win-win basis. Also stating that as Turkish automotive supply industry, wishing to increase the market share in China, Dudaroğlu said "Hereof CAPAC shall be a substantial support and a significant gain for Turkish supply industry”.
    Evaluated the works within Chinese market and obtained current developments TAYSAD President Dr. Mehmet Dudaroğlu has said in respect thereof “We, as TAYSAD are taking important steps regarding China. It is our wish for the activities of TAYSAD and accordingly Turkish investors in China to grow even more”
    President of CAPAC, Chen Kangrensaid that it was decided for to establish a mutual strategic alliance. Kangren stating that TAYSAD has been invited to Beijing for conducting meeting in strategic context, also said that they wish to carry commercial affairs with Turkey further through works that shall be carry out on project base.
    Kangren, as stating that China projects annual 5% of additional growth in automotive industry and such rate is approximately equivalent of total production of Turkey, he also importantly underlined the opportunities in China. He expressed that by strengthening the relations the trading volume shall increase significantly.
    Following the meetings carried out, TAYSAD General Coordinator SüheylBaybalı, defining the meetings with CAPAC as quite an achievement; he also stated that there had been settlements in many topics in relation with grow of bilateral cooperation. Baybalı pointing out "the importance of solid relations in China within the automotive area especially with governmental bodies”; has also expressed that such relation established at the level of agreement with CAPAC shall be contributing in great deal to the existence of Turkish supply industry within China market.
    Step towards to the cooperation together with CAPAC, shall be an important move in terms of Turksih Supply Industry’s target for being a “Global Brand”, also shall be posing as a crucial step during market access stage and furthermore because CAPAC represents 20+ OIS, is shall be a great deal of contribution for preparation of operation environment for the companies who would likely to invest in China. As stating that parties has decided for strengthening their cooperation within the areas of technology and innovation, has also pointed out that they will be growing the cooperation even stronger by mutual investment. 
    Communication which has kicked off by TAYSAD’s participation to International Investment Conference took place in China in 2014 April as well as the research study concerning investment areas for its members, has been detailed during the visits to CAPAC Headquarters in 2014 July and the talks & negotiations was finalised with signing of cooperation agreement.
    TAYSAD, aiming for to carrying out China operations together with Industrial Areas where mainly automotive companies are located within, thus is targeting to convey the resources within Organised Industrial Sites (OIS) for its members who would like to make us of developing potential within the region. In relation with investment TAYSAD who visited powerful industrial areas also synchronously conducting its works by representing its members through high order communications with key industries located within OIS.
    TAYSAD,through the co-operations established in the course of time, by leveraging maintains its works which has been conducted for the last 5 years. Thanks to the official agreements with institutions TAYSAD firms its office works.TAYSAD, aiming for enabling the access to the cost data within significant industrial areas and opportunity to compare those with other regions, intends for adding new ones that shall be made with other regions, to this agreement which is the third official agreement of China office.